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A Night Out in L.A.'s Newest "Gayborhood," Downtown Los Angeles
March 10, 2017
For decades many have considered West Hollywood the gay capital of Los Angeles. While countless young homosexuals, including myself, have turned to WeHo to sow their wild oats, others have wished for an alternative. Especially as you enter your 30s (as I begrudgingly did last year), Santa Monica Boulevard sometimes feels a little too crazy.
| Los Angeles, CA ARTICLES | Los Angeles, CA HUB | #GayLA | @ILoveGayLA |
| Bar Life ARTICLES | Bar Life HUB | #GayBars | @ILoveGayBars |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

New York State ad campaign tries to steal business away from states with anti-LGBT laws
July 07, 2016
New York State is capitalizing on the negative publicity that three states have garnered for their anti-LGBT stances. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has launched an “Open Doors Campaign” that will air TV advertisements in Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina touting New York as a preferable place to relocate.
| New York City, NY ARTICLES | New York City, NY HUB | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

Nashville mayor ‘deeply concerned’ about lost tourist revenue resulting from anti-gay state law
May 31, 2016
Nashville Mayor Megan Barry told reporters she is “deeply concerned” about lost revenue to Nashville city coffers as a result of legislation that allows counselors to turn away LGBT patients, WKRN reports. Barry told the station she hopes businesses and organizations don’t punish the city for actions taken at the state level after several conventions have already been cancelled.
| Nashville, TN ARTICLES | Nashville, TN HUB | #GayNashville | @ILoveGayTN |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

The tartan rainbow: why it’s great to be gay in Scotland
April 06, 2016
The leaders of four of Scotland’s six main political parties have come out, and the country has been identified as offering the best legal protection for gay people. But how deep does this new liberality go?
| Edinburgh, Scotland ARTICLES | Edinburgh, Scotland HUB | #GayScotland | @ILoveGayUK |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

Why Supporting Politicians Who Support LGBT Interests Is More Important Now Than Ever
March 22, 2016
Her name is Judy Dlugacz and to women all around the world, she is a lesbian super hero, creating community and “life the way it should be,” where respect for and kindness towards others trumps all else. Considering her business model, it’s no surprise that Dlugacz has been working tirelessly as an advocate for LGBT and women’s rights — human rights — since she ...
| Cruise and Luxury Travel ARTICLES | Cruise and Luxury Travel HUB | #GayCruise | @ILoveGayCruises |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

Vietnam's First Generation of LGBT Pride
July 17, 2014
The shift in LGBT media representation within Vietnam came about in part because of the institute's sensitivity training campaigns for journalists.
| Vietnam ARTICLES | Vietnam HUB | @ILoveGayAsia |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

Bucks Commissioner fears gay marriage dispute will hurt tourism
November 14, 2013
"LGBT tourism is a very important market for us and we actively promote Bucks County to them by advertising in Gay City News in New York City and by...
| Philadelphia, PA ARTICLES | Philadelphia, PA HUB | #GayPhilly | @ILoveGayPhilly |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

September 05, 2013
As Lebanon's gay community gains confidence, they still face a struggle for legal rights
| Middle East ARTICLES | Middle East HUB | #GayMiddleEast | @ILoveGayMEast |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | Politics & Law HUB | #LGBTPolitics | @LGBTPinkieB |

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